VIII. Application Project

In this chapter, we will work as individuals and in small groups to apply what we have learned in this course.


Students individually and/or in groups, will select an American social problem and will evaluate policies and programs that have been used to solve it. They will propose new policies and programs to better solve the problem.

Each individual or group will write a report and present in class.

Suggested Outline for Project Report

  1. Problem: Describe the American social problem. What makes it a problem? How bad is it?
  2. Policy: what local, state and federal government policies are meant to address the problem?
  3. Programs: What government programs are available to address or ameliorate the problem? How effective are they? Budgets, number of people impacted, etc. What NGO/private programs are available to address the problem? If there are a large number, select a few examples.
  4. How effective are these programs? What impact data is available?
  5. Have other states or countries tried alternative policies and programs that have worked better? What impact data is available?
  6. What new policies and program do you think would be more effective? Explain why?

The Presentation will include all the elements of the report.

More details will be provided in class.

Steps/Class Meetings

  • Select social problem and develop plan for the report
  • Vet plan (in-class workshop)
  • Conduct research and write the report
  • Develop presentation
  • Present to class